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  • Registration can be done online, in person, or by contacting the teacher of the class(es) you are interested in. Class sizes are limited. Classes may be subject to cancellation if less than six people enroll.
  • Student 21 rate (new) means students of any age and participants up to age 21 (with ID) get a discounted rate on class fees.


  • Annual Membership fee $15. $25 Renewal Fee to re-activate pre-authorized monthly payments. 
  • All fees are subject to 5% GST which will be added at time of registration or purchase.

Life Package (Annual):

  • Annual Unlimited Classes $1000 per year, pre-paid. Student 21 (with ID) $900 per year, pre-paid.
  • Annual Unlimited Classes $90 per month, pre-authorized payment. Student 21(with ID) $80 per month, pre-authorized payment.

Trial Package:

  • Introductory One-Month Unlimited Classes $45 one-time only purchase.

Sessional Package:

  • Three Months Unlimited $300 pre-paid. Student 21(with ID) $240 pre-paid. This three-month or sessional unlimited package runs for three months from date of purchase (Christmas break excluded.)

Punchcards (Expire one year from date of purchase)

  • 15 hours for $150. Student 21(with ID) $120.
  • 30 hours for $280. 


  • $20 (incl. tax) per class. Student 21(with ID) $15 per class. One Hour Class $15.


Private/Semi-Private Class

  • Starts at $80 per hour

Private Group Classes – By Quote


  • Pre-paid means one lump sum payment.
  • Year is equal to 50 weeks of classes (we close for two weeks over Christmas).
  • Monthly installments require pre-authorized payments.
  • Membership includes use of our lending library, purchase of props, and discounts on events and workshops.
  • Missed Classes are not transferable. If you miss a class you can make it up in any class of the same or lower level, only during the session (or year for Annual Registration) in which you have paid.
  • There are no refunds. An extension may be granted for a medical condition. 

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