World Traveller Checks Out KYH

July 8, 2015

Jay is a world traveller who recently dropped in to the Kelowna Yoga House. Everyone has their story about what led them to's Jay's.

1.  What yoga experience did you have before coming to Kelowna Yoga House? Why Iyengar Yoga?
I attended my first yoga class almost 10 years ago - starting with Iyengar but also trying Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow and Hatha styles. Iyengar yoga suits me because I love the attention to detail, the alignment, the use of props to go deeper into poses and the best teachers I've had have all been of the Iyengar School.

2.  What brought you to the Kelowna Yoga House?
I'm visiting a few yoga centers with a view to applying to one of them for a yoga teacher training.  KYH has a good reputation so I thought I would check it out.

3.  What Yoga package did you purchase and how many sessions have you attended?
I purchased a 1 month intro unlimited class package for $45 and have attended almost every class.

4.  What were your expectations coming into it?
My expectations coming in were really high because Canadians are so kind and because KYH was recommended to me by an advanced Iyengar teacher.

5.  How would you rate the instruction and the instructors at the Kelowna Yoga House?
The quality of instruction and personal attention given is amazing.   Every teacher there is inspirational.

6.  What was the biggest surprise you have experienced as a result of attending the Yoga House (physical, mental or spiritual)? What effect has yoga had on your "body, mind, and spirit" in the short amount of time you have attended classes?
I'm surprised at how much I feel I've grown.  I've been aware of more contentment, more detachment, of impurities arising and passing away, of renewed determination to continue to go inwards, and my body feels good too!

7. Why Yoga?
Yoga is a way of life - the destination and the journey.  It's a purification of body and mind as well as a quality of heart and a quality of mind.  By perfecting mental discipline and ethical conduct, a yogi develops wisdom and compassion which lead to contentment and Freedom.

I would like to thank everyone at KYH for their kindness, generosity and for making me feel so welcome.  May you all continue to grow, be well and be happy and may your center continue to flourish. Om.


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