Warriors in Demand by Phofi McCullough

March 29, 2020

Do you understand? We are in the middle of an epic battle, a battle of Mahabarata caliber! The whole world fights. All around us there are dead bodies, wounded bodies, broken bodies,  One hears war cries, wailing, shouting, clashing of arms. The enemy has surrounded us, he is invisible, he is among us. We constantly battle left and right.

COVID-19, commonly known as CORONA (crown)-virus, is our enemy. It is invisible, it is ruthless, it is iron tough. It is clever. It has us fenced in our homes away from family and friends. Our heads spin. We need to fight back. We need warriors. We must become warriors, VIRABHADRAS, Lord Shivas defenders!


Yoga , though a peaceful art and philosophy, teaches us nevertheless the need of Warriors. Think about it.  What is a warrior ? He is someone who fights on our behalf, someone who looks after our wellbeing, who defends us at every moment. What is a yogic warrior? He is the guard of the body. He is the defender of our body! Yoga teaches us how to build a healthy body in order to create a clear mind, a sharp intelligence and a benevolent spirit. In order for our body to stay healthy it needs protection from all the afflictions of nature, from all the viruses that fly invisibly around us. The VIRABHADRAS,  Warriors, do that, they guard us, and they protect us. They make sure that our feet are grounded firmly, that our legs are strong, that our bodies are firm and unbeatable, that our heads sit tall and that our gaze is clear, wide open and sharp.

So let us become warriors.  Let us start with VIRABHADRASANA II sizing up our enemy, continue on with VIRABHARDASANA I asking the blessing of Lord Siva before the battle and successfully shoot our enemy with VIRABHARDASANA III.

Open up the book 'Light On Yoga' and see Guruji performing the asanas and then you will understand my enthusiasm. If you have the book 'The Art of Yoga' you will see Guruji in VIRABHADRASANA III riveted on his target.

So while we stay home let us practise  VIRABHADRASANAS II, I, III . Stay home, stay healthy and practise diligently!


Phofi McCullough


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