Reclaiming PRANA by Phofi McCullough

April 29, 2020

PRANA is kidnapped! Prana, the cosmic energy that makes the world go around, the breath of life of all beings in the universe is kidnapped. COVID-19 is the culprit! Literally, COVID-19 has sucked the breath of life out of the world and out of our own bodies. It slides into our lungs and sucks the air out of the alveoli, the air cells, making them collapse, according to the epidemiological explanation. We have to reclaim PRANA! The world demands from us social distancing. Nevertheless, Yoga offers Pranayama, an antidote and a gift to humanity. So here we are: Pranayama at home! How can it be done away from the studio and me? Very easily!

a) Spread your mat on the floor, put a chair on it and lie down in front of the chair. Put your shins on the chair seat and put a folded blanket under the head for support, if needed. Start breathing normally. Then slowly and without force make the in and out breath long and of equal length. This is the Even Breath that Guruji writes about in his book, 'Light on Pranayama'. If it is the first time you are doing Pranayama, stay with this first step. If you are practicing Pranayama, move onto Ujjayi and Viloma breath.

b) If there is not empty space in your house for the above attempts, then sit on a dining chair, wrap your arms behind the chair backrest in order to roll your shoulders back, and lift the chest. Do a few Even Breaths to get the rhythm and then bring your head down toward your lifted chest and continue with the Even Breathing.

c) If none of the above is feasible, then go for a walk and breathe with Even Breath as you walk. You might like it more. In our attempt to reclaim PRANA, we have to keep our lungs healthy in order to go through this difficult time, and Pranayama is the best tool!  Stay safe, take care,










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