Thursday is still “Yoga Day” at the Martins – thanks to KYH online classes! by Mike Martin

November 23, 2020

I believe our story is similar to many Kelowna Yoga House members; Sue and I had been attending weekly and bi-weekly KYH sessions for over ten years. We have enjoyed beginner, intermediate, restorative and all-levels classes from most of the KYH teachers – without reservation, all of them do a great job! Throughout the years we have come to know the teachers and our fellow students…in many ways, they have become our extended family.

For the last few years, Thursday had been our yoga day (my wife Sue attended other classes throughout the week). Thursday’s a very special day in the Martin household; we clean our condo, take the seven minute walk to KYH, attend Laurie’s all level 4:00 PM express class, then grab take-out Japanese food.

When COVID-19 hit us in March, all of that stopped. Initially, we put together a home program based mainly on books we have, web searches and recommendations from KYH. Honestly, it was hit or miss at the best of times; while our intentions were good, something always seemed to get in the way from doing our yoga.

When Tricia started doing the one hour all levels “Zoom” class later in the spring, our yoga routine started getting back on track. As her session was the same time each week (on a Thursday), it allowed us to get back in to a routine; it also added some normality back to our Thursdays.

It was a bit tricky getting our setup down; we live in a condo and there were two of us…and our dog, Nikki. After we moved the chairs out of the dining area, our floor space was okay, wall space was somewhat iffy but we made do. Having most of the props made things a bit easier as well.

Sue and I both logged in to Zoom on our iPhones so Tricia could get a good view of what we were doing. To prevent microphone feedback, the microphone/audio was only turned on one of the phones. To see what Tricia was doing, we used an iPod and mirrored one of our iPhones to our TV (what the photo doesn’t show is a mirror on one of the walls that made it possible to see Tricia from anywhere). It took a few weeks but we finally got it!


Right from the beginning, the sessions were terrific! First off, we were doing a yoga “class” with a “real” teacher with whom we had done sessions before. Tricia knows our strengths and weaknesses and was able to help us (even on Zoom). We were both surprised by what she was able to see. We have seen the same thing with Joni now that we’re attending her class – there’s no hiding from her either! Classes do sometimes take a turn sideways; particularly when our dog Nikki decides she wants to play or that our face needs cleaning while we’re inverted or in a downward dog. It’s all good!

It’s difficult to put into words what I like best and the feeling I get attending the online classes. Sue and I really like the convenience of doing the sessions at home; it’s easier and it saves time; it’s also safer from a COVID aspect. From a feeling point of view, I find I am better able to immerse myself in the class when I’m being led by a teacher. It is quite a bit different than doing poses from a book or video.

While nothing is better than a live, on-site yoga session, the online sessions being done by our teachers are a great alternative. If you haven’t tried one yet, I urge you to do so.


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