Sadhana Review by Dianne Noort

March 11, 2021

Asanas are My Prayers 10-day Sadhana, a review by Dianne Noort

Where is my heart?
Oh, not the one that beats when excitement arouses it. The real heart
that reflects knowledge of
true love without any ‘because’ attached to it.
My real heart is
in the hidden place on the moon where the moon truly reflects the brilliant Light
the Divine Source! (Swami Radha)

Online classes by KYH have been a boon to the yoga journey of many this year. Without travelling great distances I can connect with my yoga community. I haven’t been teaching through the pandemic and felt inspired to take my home practice deeper through Krisna’s 10-day sadhana, “My Asanas are My Prayers.”
However, living rurally highlights the digital divide. Only 46% of rural Canadians have unlimited high speed broadband coverage compared to 87% of urban families. Not enough internet data for the 10 days presented an obstacle, but I opted to ‘follow along’ independently. Knowing that Krisna and the sadhana group were online daily motivated me, alongside the desire to share my enthusiasm with my own yoga students here in Horsefly, B.C.
I began slowly, with pranayama the first day and a restorative practice the second day. We had just come through two weeks of -28°C and I was tired. These two practices shifted my inner weariness and strengthened my aspiration to fully engage in the process.
Sadhana is an action done with observation, reflection and precise performance through blending the intelligences of the head and heart. Mere practice as a routine without going deeper is yoga of ignorance (ajnana yoga). “Though it is easy to feel the purity and divinity within, it is hard to maintain it uninterruptedly.” BKS Iyengar
With Patanjali’s advice I took thoughts of success or failure out of the equation and gently asked myself these questions though each session:
1) What is my brain doing?
2) What are my eyes doing?
3) What is my throat doing?
4) What is my breath doing?
5) What do I need to extend further, or release more?

On Day five I awoke feeling sluggish, and noticing my early morning stiffness. Somehow this felt age related. I incorporated parivritta’s into the practice. I was also aware this was the apex of my journey. On Day six I hadn’t slept well and before starting went outside to watch the pre-sunrise and breathe the crisp air. Ego was whispering in the background, but ignoring it, I did standing balancing poses. Challenging myself with new versions released bubbles of joy. On Day seven I joined Krisna’s extended Thursday morning Pranayama class, and seeing the others who were also part of this exploration added to my practice.
The ‘alert’ feeling many of us have been experiencing came into view and I realized that when we are hyper-alert, it is difficult to truly relax. On my last day, I wore a head wrap. A yoga head wrap stabilizes many tiny bones in the skull which affect the neurological system. A light pressure on the skull provides a sense of focus, containment, calm and well-being.

All in all, the sadhana was a thought-provoking journey, has cleansed self doubt, and released a deeper level of patience with what is.

Dianne Noort
Horsefly, B.C.
Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher


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