Celebrating 20 years - interview with Heather MacNaughton

September 17, 2021

As Kelowna Yoga House approaches its 20th anniversary we would like to celebrate all of our super volunteers and all those who keep KYH operating, including our students, teachers, board members and all past and present volunteers. A big thank you to Heather MacNaughton for her enthusiasm, support and service to Kelowna Yoga House during the past 20 years! Heather has been a student at Kelowna Yoga House for 20 years with Margaret Lunam, our benefactor and Deborah Lomond as her first teachers. How many of you remember those inaugural days? Heather has also served on the board of directors as secretary and past president. She continues to serve on the marketing and workshop committees.


Heather credits Iyengar yoga for increasing her flexibility, strength and balance to help her in her other loves of mountain biking, skiing, hiking and previously, running and golf. She values Iyengar yoga and the teachers at KYH for helping her to develop and expand body-mind awareness, maintain life balance during the Covid-19 pandemic, recover from injuries acquired while mountain biking and skiing and gracefully move through aging. And we are grateful to Heather and all of you for being with us on this incredible 20 year journey. Stay tuned for more yoga to come as we adapt to current needs. Lovingly submitted by Melissa Perehudoff

Quotes from BKS Iyengar: Your body lives in the past, your mind lives in the future. They come together in the present when you practise yoga. The yoga student should have clarity, faith, devotion, passion and courage. Work from your heart, not your brain to create harmony. 


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