Yoga Work Exchange and Karma Yoga

Yoga/Work Exchange and Karma Yoga

Kelowna Yoga House is a non- profit society.

We offer student bursaries and have a well established Yoga/Work Exchange program. Yoga/Work exchange students work at the studio in exchange for yoga classes taken. This may include sweeping, mopping, dusting, bathroom cleaning, gardening etc. Talk with your instructor if you are interested in this program.

Much of what happens behind the scenes at Kelowna Yoga House is true Karma Yoga. Karma literally means "action", and Karma Yoga is defined as "selfless service". Any action or duty can become Karma Yoga if the fruits of the work are offered to a Higher Purpose. Many hundreds of hours have been served here at Yoga House, in this spirit. We rely on volunteers who give their time to serve on our Board of Directors, committees, and to help out with our various functions. We are passionate about building a community of like-minded individuals with diverse backgrounds.

"We wish to express our continuous gratitude to our benefactor, Margaret Lunam. It is by her generosity of spirit that we have this beautiful studio and vibrant yoga community."

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