Kind words from our Students

"Love, love, love it here. It is a perfect fit for me - my spine & body are healing and I am so grateful. I really enjoy that every class is different and that some moves are still new to me. The teachers are amazing!! Your time, knowledge, commitment, discipline - thank you so much. Because of the trial month I had a friend sign up and she is now a member!"


"It is lovely to find a community in the western world that practices with diligence and respect and with a one-pointed focus. I appreciate the high level of instruction, dedication, and the layers of awareness within the Kelowna Yoga House."


"The positive atmosphere, sense of community, and quality of teaching at Kelowna Yoga House are all things that are truly unique in the Kelowna yoga community and have been a solace to me in my most stressful times as a university student. At KYH, you are guaranteed to experience depth in yoga with thorough, precise, and intelligent teaching, encompassing the fundamentals of yoga philosophy. KYH is a yoga gem and I would highly recommend this studio to anyone who is interested in receiving the highest quality of yoga education and changing their life in the most profound way."


"As soon as I walk in the gate, down the path, through the gardens and into the Yoga House I step into an inner oasis. As I walk up into the Sun Studio peace washes over me. It's truly a place where balance of body, mind, and soul come easily and naturally. Kelowna Yoga House is fully steeped in the Iyengar Tradition. I have much gratitude for my teachers, for their passion and the light that shines within them. With their unconditional guidance, patience, support and knowledge, the light within me shines bright too!


"January 2014 marks the third anniversary since I started practicing yoga at the Yoga House. There were three main reasons I joined.  First, my wife practices yoga at the yoga house and we felt it would be good to attend classes together. Second, I had suffered a neck injury and wanted to heal correctly and increase my flexibility. And third, I want  to continue waterskiing until I turn 80 (I'm 57 years old). My expectations (on all three) have been exceeded. Since 2011, I have seen dramatic improvements in my flexibility. While I consider myself athletic, I had never been able to touch my toes (uttanasana), ever. In fact, I called "uttanasana" a $1000 pose. I'd pay someone $1000 if I was ever able to do it! I'm happy to say I can do uttanasana and many other poses I thought I'd never be able to do. Yoga has also helped my waterskiing. People I have been waterskiing with for twenty years have told me I am skiing the best they have ever seen. I attribute this entirely to practicing yoga. Of all the things I do to stay in shape (running, weight lifting, yoga), I consider yoga the most important to my physical longevity and well being. The instructors at the Yoga House are very knowledgable and patient (important for someone my age). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Yoga and the Yoga House to anyone."


"I began yoga shortly after my 60th birthday - you are not too old to start. I walk straighter and have fewer aches and pains. I love it and will practice Iyengar yoga for the rest of my life!"



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