Class Descriptions

Foundation Class

(6-week session)

Learn the basics of Iyengar Yoga from square one. Each week, in this one-hour class, you will be safely guided through a sequence of asanas (postures) which will create a foundation upon which each class builds in order to transition you confidently into any Beginner or All Level Class.  This session of classes is ideal for students with no prior yoga experience or for those currently in Beginner classes but who wish a refresher on the basics. 



A safe and practical foundation for learning the entire scope of Iyengar Yoga, including standing poses, seated poses, twists, backward and forward extensions, as well as an introduction and beginning practice of Inversions.  All yoga postures (asanas) will be adapted to each student's needs.  In Iyengar Yoga, the use of props is designed to adapt a yoga posture to an individual, teach a specific action in a pose, or support the body for either restorative or therapeutic applications. Beginner Classes are suitable for new students to yoga but also students of yoga from a different tradition.



Students will develop a deeper understanding of the foundational postures as well as strengthen their practice of inversions. Unsupported backbends will also be taught. 1 - 2 years of Beginner level classes recommended before proceeding to Intermediate.Talk to your Beginner Teacher if unsure about attending an Intermediate Class.



A more subtle and refined knowledge of the asanas is developed with a regular practice of deeper backbends, arm balancings and inversions with variations. Students at this level must have a self-directed practice and minimum of 8 years consistent experience. Teacher approval needed to register.
No drop-ins or Trial cards.



All Levels

All levels of students are welcome, including beginners. Modifications will be given to accomodate all abilities.





Gentle Yoga

A slower paced, gentle class for those working with chronic conditions and injuries. Props are used to restore energy, flexibility and muscular balance. This class is also well suited to those that who are not used to physical exercise or have limited mobility.



Restorative Yoga

A slow tempo class to rest and rejuvenate. Props will be used to reap maximum benefit. Suitable for all levels.



Breath work based on the three movements of inhalation, exhalation and retention done with awareness and precision. The distribution of life force energy (prana) in the human system. This class is suitable for those who have a minimum of 6 months of Iyengar Yoga practice.


Ropes Classes

"Yoga Kurunta", means puppet. Like a marionette, attached by ropes, we will explore ways of practicing all categories of yogasanas on the ropes. All levels welcome. 6 months experience in regular classes preferred.





Back Care Class

A one-hour class specifically designed for those experiencing chronic back pain. Contact Krisna ahead of time if you have a complicated diagnosis.


Private Classes

The focus is on you! Treat yourself or a loved one to a private class. Please call individual teachers for availability.


Prepare for Class

Come a few minutes early to settle in. Have an empty stomach and bare feet. Wear comfortable clothing (tights or shorts) so we can see the action of your legs. We encourage you to bring your own yoga mat. Please drink water before and after class, do not bring water into class. Please turn off your cell phone and refrain from wearing scented body products. We encourage students with injuries or medical conditions to inform your Teacher before class begins so that they may instruct you safely throughout the class.


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