How can I register for classes?

You can register by contacting the teacher of the class(es) you are interested in.  Teacher contact information is located on the teacher page of this website.

You can also register online.  (Instructions below)

How do I register online?

Click the link from the homepage or the schedule tab and then you will be redirected to Mind Body Online.  Be sure to select the date that you want to start (it will automatically show today/this week, so you may have to click forward to next week) and then click “sign up now”.  If you do not see the “sign up now” button you have to click forward a week.
Once you click on “sign up now” it will ask if you have been here before.  You will need to put in your email address and create a password for this site.

It will ask  you: What kind of Series or Membership would you like? Click "Yoga Classes" and the following options will appear: Sessional, Punchcard, Drop-in, and Membership.  However,  there are other options under the "Contracts Tab" which allows you to *Save More on Yearly Packages - these include convenient monthly auto payment plans or yearly pre-paid plans. If you plan on taking two or more classes per week, the Life Unlimited Package is your best value.
Please note that if you are choosing the yearly options under "Contracts" the Annual Membership will automatically be added. However, if you are choosing an option from the Series or Membership Tab, you will have to purchase an Annual Membership (Drop-ins excluded).

Now go to the Classes Tab and reserve your spot in the classes you plan to attend. It is wise to make a recurring reservation so you know that you will have secured your spot for the duration of your session. For Unlimited registration (Life, Sessional Unlimited, and Trial packages) you may reserve a spot for 2 classes but attend as many more as you wish if the class is not full. For all other payment options, you may register for 1 class.

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What if I am still having trouble signing up online?

Contact a teacher—they can register you personally.

When do the sessions start?  Can I start anytime?

You can start anytime.  We used to have seasonal sessions with firm start and end dates. Now we have moved to a different system and are calling any 12 week period a “session”.  For example, if you start Feb 1, your session would end April 26.  You will be issued a card with your expiry date on it for easy tracking.

Do I have to pay the membership fee?

You are not required to pay the membership fee if you are a dropping in or if you have purchased the one month trial package.  You will not be able to use the library or buy props at our cost without a membership.  If you sign up for any sessional or other package or workshop, you will have to pay the membership.  It is $15 plus tax ($15.75) per year.  Please note, that when you register online, if you purchase the Life or Wellness packages, it will automatically be added to your cart.  If you purchase a sessional package or a punch card, you will have to add the membership as a separate item.  

We are a non-profit society and the membership fees help us support the Kelowna Yoga House.  The membership fees are used for various things such as operating costs and bursaries for students who are in financial need.  As a member of the society you are entitled to attend our AGM, sit on our board of directors, receive bursaries for classes or workshops, use our lending library and buy props and books at our costs.  

What if I sign up for the sessional package before Christmas—aren’t you closed for two weeks?

We are closed from Dec 22 to Jan 5.  We will extend your session two weeks so you will have the full 12 weeks of classes. Classes begin again on January 6.  If you are a Life or Wellness package holder, we have already taken these two weeks off into account.

What if I have signed up for a sessional or Wellness Package and miss a class?

As before, we allow you to do make up classes.  The make up classes must be done in the period that you have paid for, however.  Not sure when you actually signed up?  Look at the expiry date on your class card.

Can I cancel my monthly payments with the Life or Wellness package?

Yes, you can cancel anytime.  However, when you want to start up again with a Life or Wellness package, you will be charged a $25 renewal fee to re-activate pre-authorized monthly payments.

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