KYH In-Studio Protocols

  • Registration for all classes, whether in-studio or Zoom will be done online and either paid from your account or by credit card. Studio classes are limited to 7 people to keep safe social distancing. No Drop-Ins allowed. 
  • Students will need to review the Help prevent the spread of COVID-19: Entry check for visitors poster and sign the attendance form that they have reviewed the poster and are safe to enter the studio. If you want to view this poster before coming to the studio, please click here
  • Studio props will not be available except for chairs and stools that will be sanitized after each use. Teachers and students will bring their own mat, strap, blocks, blankets or towels, (other props if you wish), placing them close to your mat. Purchasing of props will be done after class only.
  • Please come dressed for yoga to avoid changing at the studio. Shoes will be left at the door as usual, outerwear in the coat closet. Water bottles and valuables such as purses, wallets, phones, and keys can be brought upstairs and placed close to your mat. 
  • Please wear a facemask when entering and exiting the building. Please wear your mask until you are upstairs and seated on your mat.  Masks can then be removed for the class session.  When you are getting up to leave, please put on your mask until you have left the building.
  • Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes and no later then 5 minutes before class. The teacher will have a list of registered students and will guide you to enter and exit the studio individually. Once all students have arrived, the teacher will lock the main entry door. 
  • Four hand sanitization stations will be available: at the downstairs main entry/exit door, at the front desk, in the downstairs washroom, and at the entry/exit of the upstairs studio.
  • Please sanitize your hands upon entry and exit of the studio. Paper towels will be available to dry your hands after washing or to cover your hand to avoid touching door handles.
  • 7 spaces are marked on the studio floor as squares. Each student has 2.5 x 2.5 m of exercise space. Please use only the walkway between the squares for entry and exit of the studio or to get chairs/stools as needed. Do not cross occupied squares!  
  • We are also asking that students remain as quiet as possible inside the building, speaking only when necessary. Think of the studio as your ‘silent retreat’ time.  Before class begins you may stretch on your mat or sit in quiet contemplation.  When leaving, please keep this silence until you are outside the building unless it is necessary to speak to your teacher.
  • Teachers and students will not be moving around the studio during class. To conduct the class, teachers will use demos and verbal instructions.
  • The upstairs prop area and washroom will be cordoned off for non-use. The downstairs washroom will be open and equipped with liquid soap, sanitizer and paper towels.
  • Surfaces that have frequent contact will be disinfected, including after class sanitizing of the studio floor, stairway bannister, door handles, light switches, and chairs.
  • The teacher will guide you to exit individually from the front row to the back, again to keep safe distancing. The first person to exit class will unlock the downstairs door. Please leave the building promptly. If you wish to visit with others, please congregate outside in the garden area, keeping a safe distance from others and away from the entrance.



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